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Digital automation? How?


Measure and predict

Measure and predict


Do you do work that a computer can do better? 

We automate your routine work by software robots. 

A software robot can do what you do on a computer: log in, click menus, download data, send emails, etc.  Like a self driving bus that uses the existing roads, a robot uses the IT systems you already have in place.

Examples: do routine work in your IT systems, synchronize data between systems, collect data and create your reports. Anything that can be defined by rules.

We configure the robot and then operate it for you so that it works 24/7. You can follow the work the robot does via a web app. Or forget about it. We have you covered. 

Measure and predict

Measure and predict

Measure and predict


What do top performers do?

They measure. Then they make changes and measure again to observe the effect. This is a closed loop. You need closed loops to learn and improve. 

Do you have loops to close? 

We automate data collection and present it to you in an always updated, interactive web application. Then it is up to you to set the bar high and start improving. 

We can also make predictions on your data to help you peek into the future or forecast the effect of changes.

Workflow automation

Measure and predict

Workflow automation



What happens when you order a book on Amazon? 

First you place the order. Then the payment is processed. At some point, a person or a robot picks the book from a shelf and put it in a box. 

Do you trust that you will get your book every time? Of course you do! 

We can automate your workflows using Amazon's workflow infrastructure so that you become world class too.

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